014 Tiramisu 7.00€

Persian ice cream
a refreshing mixture of saffron ice cream with pistachio and a sorbet of glass noodles and rosewater. Served with lemon juice

017 Platter of various desserts: Mousse au chocolat, tiramisu, walnut icecream and fresh fruits 9.50€
190 Créme caramel 4.50€
193 Mousse au chocolat on raspberry sauce 7.00€
194 Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries 7.00€
198 Warm mango banana strudel
with walnut ice cream and whipped cream
199 Kaiserschmarrn with almonds, raisins
and homemade apple puree (vegan preparation possible)
015 Large dessert combination
Tiramisu, créme caramel, mousse au chocolat,
warm mango banana strudel, walnut ice cream,
fresh fruits
191 Sheep chees cubes with walnuts, olives and peperoni, servied with oven-freh bread 9.50€

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