Small mixed salad

007 Lamb‘s lettuce with pan-fried mushrooms, peppers, spring onions and balsamico-orange dressing 10.50€
009 Salad with baked sheep cheese and tzaziki 10.50€
010 Salad with pasta squares, filled with vegetables and homemade dressing 10.50€
012 Mixed salad with falafel, spinach cinnamon Dip and homemade dressing 10.50€
123 Salad with slices of pan-fried Argentinian roast beef and mushrooms 15.80€
125 Spinach salad with fresh fruits, white mushrooms, walnuts, pan-fried chicken breast fillet
and balsamico-orange topping
126 Salad with pan-fried chicken breast fillet, white mushrooms and rosemary 11.50€

All salad dressings are vegan-made.

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