Poultry and Meat from all over the world

161 Chicken curry with mango-coconut-sauce, served with safran rice and natural yoghurt 15.00€
162 Tandoori Chicken
Chicken breast fillet marinated with oriental spices, ginger and lemon juice, served with peas, potatoes and peppers in tomato juice, basmati rice and yoghurt
163 Viennese Schnitzel (veal) with fried potatoes and salad 19.50€
165 Cordon bleu (veal) stuffed with with ham and cheese, served with chip potatoes and a mixed salad 21.00€
171 Mediteranean Casserole of ground beef with aubergines, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, au gratin with sheep cheese 14.50€
172 Lamb curry with peppers, peas, tomatoes and coconut milk, served with saffron-herbes-rice 19.50€
175 Gyros with chicken breast filet out of the pan, served with tomatoe-ricenoodles and tzaziki 13.50€

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