A warm welcome

I'd like to warmly welcome you to my »Arche Nova« – at least to the virtual one for a start. Of course I would much prefer to shake your hand and welcome you personally. 

Bijan MohammadiUnfortunately, the internet is not yet so advanced that you can enjoy the aroma of my cooking online. But you can take a look around and browse through our picture gallery and our menu. And when your mouth waters, please give us a call and book your table. I am looking forward to seeing you.

Yours Bijan Mohammadi

If one were to describe Persia as a recipe, the ingedients would probably be as follows: The scenery and climatic variety of a large country spiced with warm hospitality, tolerance and openness for everything new. ­Despite or perhaps because of the varied history of the old Persian empire, Persian cuisine is unique. To this day art of the Persian cuisine has not lost its authenticity.

As regards taste, the dishes are similar to those of India and the Far East, however not nearly as hot but very spicy and aromatic.