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On this page you will find our menu.

You will see that we have put together a clear number of dishes for you per topic.
Many dishes are adapted to the modern knowledge of a healthy diet, even vegetarians are not neglected. And if you don’t want any animal ingredients in your food, that’s no problem for our kitchen team. Vegan is not necessarily called by us,
having to order a cold salad.

For the sake of clarity in this presentation, we have refrained from labelling additives. In our printed menu in the restaurant, the additives that have to be labelled are of course listed.

Soups & Starters

100  Spicy aubergine and lentil soup vegan 7,00 €
with peppermint and walnut
102  Mango-carrot soup vegan 7,00 €
with ginger, oriental spices, cinnamon and sunflower seeds
103  Curry soup vegan 6,50 €
with coconut and pieces of banana
104  Persian aubergine mousse vegan without yogurt 9,00 €
with yogurt, peppermint, walnuts, roasted onions and garlic
209  Large Starter dish  22,00 €
baked sheep cheese, aubergine mousse, tzaziki, samosas, curry sauce, falafel, spinach cinnamon yogurt


131  Penne Napoli  8,00 €
with tomato sauce and Parmesan
132  Spaghetti »al Pesto«  10,50 €
with dried tomatoes and Parmesan
134  Spaghetti Bolognese (ground beef)  10,50 €
with basil pesto topping and Parmesan
136  Ricotta tortelloni  10,50 €
with spinach and carrots in saffron herb sauce
138  »Pasta Mista«  13,50 €
Penne with tomato-basilsauce, cheese tortelloni with saffron-spinachsauce, Spaghetti »al Pesto« and Parmesan
160  Penne with slices of chickenbreast  13,00 €
and vegetables flavoured with peanut-coco-chili sauce


121  Small mixed salad  6,50 €
007  Lamb‘s lettuce  11,50 €
with pan-fried mushrooms, peppers, spring onions and balsamico-orange dressing
009  Salad  11,50 €
with baked sheep cheese and tzaziki
010  Salad  11,50 €
with pasta squares, filled with vegetables and homemade dressing
012  Mixed salad  11,50 €
with falafel, spinach cinnamon Dip and homemade dressing
013  lamb‘s lettuce  11,50 €
with baked camembert-edges, with cranberries and balsamico-orange-dressing
123  Salad  16,80 €
with slices of pan-fried Argentinian roast beef and mushrooms
125  Spinach salad  14,80 €
with fresh fruits, white mushrooms, walnuts, pan-fried chicken breast fillet and balsamico-orange topping
126  Salad  13,00 €
with pan-fried chicken breast fillet, white mushrooms and rosemary

Vegetarian & Vegan

151  »Samosas« vegan 13,00 €
Homemade samosas on curry sauce, with salad (oriental spicy vegetable pastry filled with potatoes and green peas)
152  »Bombay Biryani« vegan without yogurt 12,50 €
Bombay Biryani with natural yogurt Indian rice stew with roasted vegetable, mango flavored with saffron
153  »Asia-Pfanne« vegan 14,00 €
Asia stew with vegetables and pine apple, served with peanut-coco-chili sauce and safran rice
154  »Tandoori-Topf« vegan without yogurt 15,00 €
Tandoori pot of peppers, potatoes, peas, aubergines and ginger in spicy tomato stock, served with saffron-herbal rice and spinach-cinnamon yogurt
155  »Kaspische Variation«  16,00 €
Aubergine mousse with walnut kernels and mint, baked sheep‘s cheese on tzaziki, oven roasted vegetables on melted herb tomatoes
156  »Caspian Pot« vegan without yogurt 15,00 €
with aubergines, zucchini, carrots, grapes and spring onions in tomato sauce, served with safran-basmati rice and herb yogurt
157  »Oriental Pot« vegan 17,80 €
mango, zucchini and carrots in curry-coco sauce, served with oriental rice with saffron, raisins, almonds and dates, spicy
158  »Oriental Plate«  15,00 €
A tasty ragout made of peppers, potatoes and peas, served in a rim of rice. Sides: samosa with curry-mango sauce and falafel with spinach cinnamon yogurt
142  »Black rice with mango« vegan without yogurt 17,80 €
Feast of nothern persia: basmati rice with pomegranate pulp, cherry sirup, almonds, raisins, cardamom and saffron. Served with mango, prunes and apricots in sweet-spicy tomatoe sauce and spinach cinnamon yogurt
143  »Jewel-meal« vegan without yogurt 18,00 €
fried mango-cubes in pomegrenate-walnut-sauce, served with black rice, oriental rice, safran rice, dates, raisins, almonds, pistachios and spinach-cinnamon-yogurt

Alsace Tarte Flambe

234  »La Classic«  10,00 €
with ham and onions
235  »Aux Epinards«  11,00 €
with spinach, peppers, tomatoes, onions and sheep cheese
236  »Au Fromage«  11,00 €
with Gorgonzola cheese and cranberries

Poultry & Meat

161  »Curryhuhn« 16,00 €
Chicken curry with mango-coconut-sauce, served with safran rice and natural yogurt
162  »Tandoori Chicken«  16,00 €
Chicken breast fillet marinated with oriental spices, ginger and lemon juice, served with peas, potatoes and peppers in tomato juice, basmati rice and yogurt
171  »Keema« 15,00 €
oriental meal made from ground beef with peas and potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce, with saffron rice and herb yogurt
172  »Lammcurry« 21,50 €
Lamb curry with peppers, peas, tomatoes and coconut milk, served with saffron-herbes-rice and spinach-herbs-yogurt

Specials from Persia

BBQ specials from Persia

510  »Kabab Kubideh«  16,50 €
two skewers of spicy minced lamb, served with grilled tomato, saffron-rice and yogurt
511  »Djudje Kabab«  20,00 €
skewer of chicken breast, marinated in saffron-yogurt-onion sauce, served with basmati-saffron rice, pomegranate sauce with walnuts, grilled tomato and herb yogurt
512  »Arche Nova Kabab«  22,80 €
skewer of Argentinian roast beef, peppers and onions with grilled tomato, salad and tzaziki
513  BBQ platter for two  48,00 €
one skewer of Argentinian roast beef, one skewer of chicken breast and two skewers of minced lamb, served with grilled tomatoes, salad, 3 different flavoured types of rice and herb yogurt
514  »Kabab Soltani«  24,00 €
a skewer of chicken breast fillet in combination with Argentinian roast beef and a skewer of minced lamb serverd with 3 different flavoured types of rice, a grilled tomato salad and herb yogurt
515  »4 Seasons«  20
Marinated pieces of chicken breast, served on aubergine mousse, cucumber-peppermint-yogurt and melted tomatoes with herbes

We serve our oven-fresh flat bread with all grilled specialities.

Persian specials from the pan

183  »Mahi Polo«  24,00 €
Grilled sole and salmon fillet with 3 different flavoured types of rice, lemon-garlic butter and spinach cinnamon yogurt
504  »Kadu Bademjan«  21,50 €
Lamb (from the leg) with zucchini, aubergines, young grapes and spring onions in spicy tomato sauce, served with basmati-saffron rice and herb yogurt
505  »Fessendjan« 21,50 €
slices of pan-fried chicken breast fillet in a sweet and sour pomegranate-walnut sauce, served with basmati-saffron rice and herb yogurt
506  »Shami« 16,50 €
Caspian beef meatballs with potatoes, onions, walnuts and fresh herbes, served with spicy tomato dip, mixed salads and our homemade oven-fresh pita bread
507  »Black Rice with lamb«  22,50 €
Feast of nothern persia: basmati rice with pomegranate pulp, cherry sirup, almonds, raisins, cardamom and saffron. Served with lamb leg, prunes and apricots in sweet-spicy tomatoe sauce and spinach cinnamon yogurt
508  »Morgenland« 21,50 €
Hähnchenbruststreifen, Mango, Zucchini und Möhren in Curry-Kokossauce, dazu Orientreis mit Safran, Rosinen, Mandeln und Datteln, pikant gewürzt
509  »Caspian Dinner«  21,00 €
tranches of lamb (from the leg) with zucchini and aubergines, chicken breast with prunes and apricots, Caspian beef meatball, 3 types of rice and spinach cinnamon yogurt


014  Tiramisu  7,50 €
016  Persian ice cream  8,00 €
a refreshing mixture of saffron ice cream with pistachio and a sorbet of glass noodles and rosewater. Served with lemon juice
017  Platter of various desserts  9,80 €
Mousse au chocolat, tiramisu, walnut ice cream and fresh fruits
190  Créme caramel  4,50 €
192  Chocolate variation  9,80 €
warm chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, a scoop of chocolate ice cream
193  Mousse au chocolat  7,50 €
on raspberry sauce
194  Vanilla ice cream  7,50 €
with hot raspberries
198  Warm mango banana strudel vegan without ice cream 8,00 €
with walnut ice cream
199  Kaiserschmarrn vegan preparation possible 9,80 €
with almonds, raisins and homemade apple puree
015  Large dessert combination  24,00 €
Tiramisu, créme caramel, mousse au chocolat, warm mango banana strudel, walnut ice cream, fresh fruits and whipped cream

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